What do we do?

In the simplest of terms – what we do at Express your self is to work with people to offer them a sense of more freedom by assisting them in removing their emotional splinters (more about that later) and their resistance to the freedom that they are seeking, it can show up in many different forms.

The first set are the things that tend to have us feeling quite negative at times

  • Freedom from a recognised condition such as anxiety, depression, overwhelm, panic attacks, PTSD, stress, poor self-image, eating disorders, body dysmorphia
  • Freedom from a fear or phobia of a particular thing – such as a fear of flying, death, cockroaches, snakes, water, public speaking, driving, etc
  • Freedom from a feeling that you can’t shake – such as anger, sadness, guilt, shame, grief, frustration, worry
  • Freedom from self-consciousness, what people think about you and social anxiety
  • Freedom from limiting thoughts and beliefs
  • Freedom to express yourself fully – to be fully heard and seen

The second set are more around growth and upgrading your experience of life

  • Increased levels of self-esteem, self-confidence, self-awareness, self-belief
  • Increased feeling of worthiness and the ability to receive on all levels
  • Increased conscious awareness of habits and beliefs
  • Unlocking more energy and potential
  • Unlock greater levels of creativity
  • Being able to shut off, relax and sleep better
  • Increased sense of peace
  • Improved relationship with yourself – this is where the gold lies. Most people have an abusive relationship with themselves, if any at all. When you get this relationship sorted – you no longer need anything from the outside to be happy. You then get to choose who and what you want in your life.

What we’ve found whilst working with hundreds of people is that once you clear this stuff up, people are able to be fully self expressed, and to show up as who they really are.

How we do it?

We use a combination of tools when working with people, as those people are totally unique, we have no set protocol or program. It totally depends on the person, where they are now, and what they desire to achieve.

The things that do remain constant is the 3 main areas we work on.

  1. We always start with clearing any emotional trauma or unresolved emotional overwhelm. This removes the emotional triggers and feeling level blockages which gives an instant relief and literally lifts the fog so we can see what’s going on underneath. We can start to see what’s really driving things.
  2. Next is to work on the YouPrint™ by finding and releasing any not useful meanings, beliefs and stories that are generating the emotions or holding them in place.
  3. Once a lot of the emotional load has been taken away and you’re feeling less burdened and much lighter, we then start to build a loving relationship with your self. This then becomes the rock-solid foundation for you build your life upon. When this is strong – you are internally referenced and literally self-sufficient and self-supporting. This is what we define as freedom.

The work we do usually has a permanent effect and doesn’t require you to keep working on things. Once you achieve the desired result, it just becomes part of who you are now.

It becomes your new normal :o) 

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